How to use MT4 for Android

How to use MT4 for Android

How to use MT4 for Android

MetaTrader 4 for Android is a unique application that enables its users to trade on different markets, such as CFD, Forex, futures and metals simultaneously. Android version offers the same range of options as its desktop counterpart, so you can easily perform all the needed deals and operations using your smartphone or tablet.

How to use MetaTrader 4 for Android?

  1. Launch a previously installed application. After launching your MT4, the platform will offer your three different options:
    • start without registration: MT4 will create you a special anonymous demo account. It is always connected to your device, so you won’t be able to use any other devices for entering your account
    • login to an existing account
    • open personal demo account How to use MT4 for Android
    • If you would like to create your personal demo account that allows trading from any device, then:
    • Select “Open a personal demo account”
    • Enter the broker’s name and choose a corresponding trading server  How to use MT4 for Android
    • Enter your personal and account information and select “Create account” How to use MT4 for Android

Note: Make sure you’ve saved both your account number and password

If you want to login to the already existing account then:

  1. Select “Login to an existing account”.
  2. Find your broker and choose the needed trading server – Demo or Live.  How to use MT4 for Android
  3. Enter the login and password and “Sign in”. How to use MT4 for Android

If the data you’ve entered is correct, the system will open a “Quotes” window. Then find a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. How to use MT4 for Android

The bottom toolbar includes five different tabs:

  • Quotes: enable to view your real-time quotations
  • Charts: Use understandable and colorful charts to view the changes in price
  • Trade: Shows the current state of a trade account, open/modify/close order.
  • History: Contains the history of performed trades.
  • News: Collects all recent news that can be useful and considered important to most traders

How to open an order?

  1. Open the “Quotes” window, then choose a certain currency pair
  2. Select “New order” in the context menu How to use MT4 for Android
  3. Set the amount of the order, place Take Profit and Stop Loss, and choose the type of operation in the appropriate form How to use MT4 for Android
  4. If you want to open a new pending order, choose “Instant Execution” and select an order from the list. How to use MT4 for Android

This short manual explains on how to use MetaTrader 4 for Android, so don’t hesitate and start using the platform to improve your trading performance!

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