MetaTrader vs ForexTrader PRO

MetaTrader vs ForexTrader PRO

MetaTrader vs ForexTrader PRO

MetaTrader and ForexTrader PRO are the most popular automated trading platforms with a wide range of settings. Both platforms have their own advantages and drawbacks, as well as each one is keeping thousands of users.

A brief comparison of MetaTrader vs ForexTrader PRO

Both programs can easily work on foreign exchange markets and make profits by the careful selection of currency to buy and sell. MetaTrader and ForexTrader PRO offer demo accounts to give their users a possibility to try trading in order not to lose their money at once.

The technical components of these 2 systems remain to be the same:

  • 45 effective instruments
  • 10 popular indexes
  • Metals
  • Oil, wheat, cotton, corn and sugar

The mechanism of price formation is that the difference between ask and bid is not fixed with a minimal quote for the transaction of 1000 points for both platforms.

However, the opportunities of trade of ForexTrader PRO and MetaTrader have some differences. Thus, ForexTrader PRO offers trading with lots, base of strategies with no insurance of price risks. MetaTrader provides trading with lots, insurance of price risks and automated creation of experts.

Analytical instruments of these two systems are absolutely different. MetaTrader vs ForexTrader PRO

On one hand, MetaTrader has in-built:

  • Custom graphics
  • Profound technical analysis
  • Strategy development
  • The Dow Jones Index
  • Complex analysis
  • Trading Central

MetaTrader vs ForexTrader PRO

On the other hand, ForexTrader PRO will offer these features:

  • Free trade in algorithms and expert management
  • Technical Research Base
  • Technical analysis
  • Trading Central

Both programs systems have versions for iOS and Android devices.

If you want to have an answer to the question “Which of these two systems is better?”, it a good idea to try both of them and find out, which one will suit you most.

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